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EX43000 Series

Industrial Unmanaged 8-port 10/100BASE Ethernet Switch

   EtherWAN’s EX43000 Series is an industrial unmanaged Fast Ethernet switching platform, designed for easy deployment in industrial

   The EX43000 Series is equipped with eight Fast Ethernet ports, or a combination of Fast Ethernet copper ports and two 100FX ports
   for long distance connectivity. This versatile switch features 10/100Mbps transfer speeds, full/half-duplex auto-negotiation and
   auto MDI/MDIX operation allowing you to connect your network devices without hassles.

   The EX43000 is feature-rich with full wire speed Fast Ethernet throughput, QoS (Quality of Service), IEEE802.3az EEE (Energy
   Efficient Ethernet) and Broadcast storm protection. The EX43000 Series is built with relay alarm to notify users when power fails or
   link down occurs. It also supports Broadcast storm protection by enabling the DIP switch. The EX43000 Series is housed with a DIN
   rail mountable metal compact case which is an ideal solution for network applications in harsh environments.

   EtherWAN – "When Connectivity is Crucial."


•	Industrial Grade

    ◦◦ Supports -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F) operating temperature

•	Port Failure Alarm and Broadcast Storm Protection

    ◦◦ Provide relay alarm to notify users when power fails or link down occurs by DIP switch
    ◦◦ Selectable DIP switch to set a threshold level to prevent from performance degradation or network choking

•	Fiber Connectivity

    ◦◦ Up to two 100BASE-FX ports with SC, ST, WDM and SFP options

•	Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)

    ◦◦ Supports IEEE802.3az standard

•	High Reliability

    ◦◦ Fanless design
    ◦◦ No moving parts

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