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EM1020 Series

1000BASE-T to Gigabit SFP Media Converter




   The EM1020 Series provides media conversion between 1000BASE-T(X) and 1000BASE SFP Fiber. The EM1020’s fiber design is
   compatible to 1000BASE SFP fiber transceiver. Also, through DIP switch selection, Link-Fault-Pass-Through (LFPT) function can be
   active or disabled.
   With Gigabit transmission rate, the EM1020 supports Jumbo Frame up to 9K bytes. Also, this commercial grade Gigabit media
   converter supports EtherWAN's EMC1600 chassis system for easy group installation. the EM1020 is the ideal media converter for
   enterprise environments.
   EtherWAN – “When Connectivity is Crucial”.


•	Gigabit Connectivity

    ◦◦ 1000BASE-TX and 1000BASE-SX/LX/BX Ethernet SFP transmission conversion
    ◦◦ 1000Mbps Full duplex SFP

•	Link-Fault-Pass-Through (LFPT)

    ◦◦ LFPT function let network operators be aware of network connection status
    ◦◦ When fiber link is sown, LFPT function will turn down Ethernet port to inform connected device that the link is down and vise


•	Optional Chassis System

    ◦◦ Supports wall mounting or EtherWAN's EMC1600 chassis system for easy group installation with power redundancy

EM1020 Series  54

                                                                                                    rev. A2.1
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