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Mounting Kits

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DIN-Rail Mounting Kits

    Part Name

KD-31003                DIN-Rail mounting kit
                        For ED3101, ED3331 series
                        (Can be mounted using hardware version V3 and above with holes on the bottom cases)

KD-AA5100               DIN-Rail mounting kit
                        For EL1032T and EX42900 series

KD-AA78000              DIN-Rail mounting kit
KD-AA96000              For EX78000 and DD-85-48 series
KD-AAEL950              DIN-Rail mounting kit
                        For EX43000, EL1141, ED3145, ED3146, ED3171, ED3175, EX33000, EX34000, EX35000,
                        ED3538, ED3638, EX42200, EX45000, EX46100, EX47000, EX63000, EX61000A, EX71000,
                        EX73000, EX83000, EL900, EL9100, EX94000, EX95000 and EL9000 series
                        DIN-Rail mounting kit
                        For EL910 and EL950 series

KD-BK1360               DIN-Rail mounting kit
                        For 41-136043, 41-136044 and 41-136046 series

Mounting Kits                        55

                                                                                                                          rev. A1.1
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